International Cooperation

The rise of globalisation has led to the emergence of a new interconnected world where values, cultures and aspirations converge human diversity towards new shared trajectories. It is within this exciting transformation that the academic and research community is required to make its contribution towards building a sustainable, goal-driven world.

As a part of the global education community, the University of Prishtina is committed to cooperate with well-established international higher education institutions to enhance students’ academic experience through foreign academic staff and students’ mobility. By sharing expertise, innovative pedagogical approaches and a wealth of cross-cultural resources, both students and international staff can transform academic encounters into new opportunities for personal, professional and academic growth.

For the pas decade, the UP has been a partner for scientific and academic cooperation within the EU-sponsored initiative for students mobility, namely the ERASMUS program. The UP steady commitment to the development of excellence and innovation, in both academic and institutional terms, fully embraces the Republic of Kosovo’s vision and ambition of integrating into the EU Learning Framework.

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