The University of Prishtina was founded by the Law on the Establishment of the University of Prishtina, which was approved by the Assembly of the Socialist Province of Kosovo on 18th of November, 1969.

The founding of the University of Prishtina was an historical event for the people of Kosova, as well as for the entire Albanian nation. The founding Assembly of the University of Prishtina was held on 13th of February,1970, whereas two days later, on 15th of February,1970, the solemn meeting of the Assembly was also held, and this date was decided to be remembered as the Day of the University of Prishtina. The newly-established University of Prishtina, located in the city of Prishtina, consisted of these faculties: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Law and of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Medicine.

Currently, the University of Prishtina consists of 14 faculties.

On the 9th of July, 2004, the statute of the University entered into force, and by this, the students’ rights and responsibilities as well as the Faculty of Teaching personnel and the high pedagogical schools’ rights and responsibilities were carried over to the Faculty of Education.

The academic units of the University of Prishtina are:

  1. Faculty of Philosophy
  2. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  3. Faculty of Philology
  4. Faculty of Law
  5. Faculty of Economics
  6. Faculty of Civil Engineering
  7. Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  8. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  9. Faculty of Medicine
  10. Faculty of Arts
  11. Faculty of Agriculture
  12. Faculty of Sport Sciences
  13. Faculty of Education
  14. Faculty of Architecture