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Dear students, colleagues, and partners,

Honorable citizens, 

The University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, is not only the largest university in the country considering the numbers of students and staff, but it is also the most influential university in all segments of organizing in our country. The great role and importance of the University of Prishtina for the Republic of Kosova and wider derives from its rich historical background, as well as its great practical impact that the daily activities of this institution have on the lives of the citizens.

Being aware of the extraordinary importance of the activity of the University of Prishtina for students and citizens of the Republic of Kosova, I have taken the mandate with utmost responsibility, willingness and readiness to give everything within my capacity, in order that this university not only regains its uncontestable reputation within Kosova, but also to contribute to the transformation of the UP into a credible regional and international institution.

My key objectives during the 4-year mandate are related to creating a modern culture of studies, providing quality studies, programs compatible with the demands of the labor market, as well as extending the research and artistic activities in respective fields within the UP. The other objective of mine is to bring the University of Prishtina closer with the community through the development of activities that are of importance for the citizens, as well as through offering professional and academic services required in the community. The main goal is the transformation of the University of Prishtina into a student-oriented university, with an array of study programs and levels, programs based on the needs of the labor market, qualitative studies based on applicable research, and rich in cultural and sport activities. All of these, parallel to their academic advancement, are intended to offer students the opportunity of the development of effective interaction in the community, as well as establishment of sustainable social contacts with their colleagues from various regions.

Accomplishment of these objectives within the 4-year mandate will enable the transformation of the University of Prishtina into a modern, dynamic, and active institution in all segments of importance for students and citizens. I am fully aware that the journey towards the achievement of these objectives requires commitment, determination, consistent management, and meaningful cooperation, with all relevant actors. In this context, I am genuinely interested that the close cooperation with students, academic and supporting staff, by continuously applying the principles of full transparency and active communication with the stakeholders, to be the accompanying part of all my, and my staff actions, in the current mandate. 

Therefore, dear students, colleagues, partners and citizens, I sincerely invite you to explore the opportunities that the University of Prishtina offers, utilize them, but also contribute to the multifarious advancement of our largest university, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. 

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Naser Sahiti, Rector