Development of Curricula

The development of a study program is a continuous process. The process is better when there is:

  1. Evaluation of the existing program
  2. Compilation of an improved program/ respectively a new program
  3. Implementation of a new program
  4. Evaluation of the revised program

In many universities, the process for curriculum development is done in a planned and systematic manner. The formulation of a study program should not be seen as the culmination of the process of curriculum development, but as an essential step and continuous process for curriculum development.

Therefore, through the Vice-Rector for Quality Development, the Office for Academic Development supports the reforms in the University and contributes in raising capacities in UP having the purpose of achieving the Bologna criteria and European High Education trends. The Office for Academic Development organizes training for curricula and development having the purpose of developing mechanism for internal evaluation based on Bologna action lines.

The process of study programs development

The preparation of self-assessment reports
The academic development office has compiled a unique way of self-assessment report for every single Academic Unit of the University of Prishtina

The self-assessment report has been compiled according to the latest controlling list of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency for the University of Prishtina.

For further information, please contact the Academic Development Office through our e-mail address: [email protected]

To download the self-assessment report form according to the controlling list of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency, please click here.