The Central Administration of the University of Prishtina has been established by the decision of the University of Prishtina board in the year 2001.

According to the status of the University, the Central Administration is accountable for professional, administrative and technical matters related to:

1.         Education, scientific research and artistic work;
2.         Administration of the recognition of studies;
3.         Personnel administration;
4.         Legal aspects;
5.         The University’s Developmental Plan;
6.         Accounting and Finance;
7.         Maintenance and documentation of property;
8.         Records;
9.         Goods turnover;
10.       Management of the information system;
11.       Central database;
12.       Other general aspects of the University Administration.

All of these are coordinated by the Secretary-General.

With the suggestion of the Secretary-General, the Rector issues regulations about the systematization on workplaces within the Central Administration of the University. A more detailed description of the assignments about the Central Administration services is stipulated in the regulation on the internal organization of the Central Administration of the University.

These services function within the Central Administration:

1.         Legal and Human Resources Service;
2.         Academic Affairs Service;
3.         Office for Academic Development;
4.         Finance and accounting service;
5.         Procurement Department;
6.         Unit of Internal Audit;
7.         Student service;
8.         Information Technology Service;
9.         Office for Foreign Relations;
10.       Language Center;
11.       Center for teaching excellence;
12.       Center for Human Rights;
13.       Center for Gender Equality;
14.       Publishing house of the University.

The Central Administration has to create the environment for the University, so that the latter is able to carry out the tasks undertaken in the field of teaching and in the field of scientific research. The Central Administration employees have to be conscious and work, always having in mind the economic impact and should be cautious in saving the available funds. All the employees have to work towards making the Central Administration a modern administration.

The motto of progress of the Central Administration has to be: responsibility, communication and transparency.

The Central Administration compiles long-term plans, manages the annual budget, controls the activities in faculties and higher education institutions, and organizes day-to-day management.

For all job positions, the description of the job and its requirements is provided in detail due to the Regulation about Organization and Systematization of workplaces, approved by the University Board on 26.12.2003.